Our story

How we were

“Our livestock business was born in the countryside of Dorgali more than 80 years ago, when my father, Giovanni, decided to continue his family’s livelihood in the countryside of “Sortei”, one kilometre away from our business’ current location.

After a lifetime of hard work, always supported by the help and attentive presence of my father, my brother and I continued in this endeavour, establishing a business based on the breeding of cattle, sheep and pigs. In 1990 we inherited a plot of land and decided to “divide” the business so that each of us could work with our own family.

With the support of my wife, Lucia, I founded our livestock business based on the breeding of cattle and goats, sheep, pigs and horses – the last of which is a true passion and hobby for me…

The concept of Agritourism departs from this notion: the desire to grow and to turn a simple farming business into a real multifunctional business.

…At this moment in my life, I believe that I can happily affirm the choice I made, albeit with many sacrifices and despite the problems that society poses at the moment. I am happy with the journey I have taken up until now, and happy that I have contributed to the creation of a future (and, hopefully, one which keeps improving) for my children!”