The Teaching Farm

Understanding, teaching and admiring nature

The Teaching Farm was born from our passion for children and a desire to teach kids of all ages about our work and the world of agriculture, from which they are increasingly removed.
The Teaching Farm goes above and beyond a simple trip to the countryside: it allows us to share the passion we pour into our work every day, to rediscover a particular way of life or discover something totally new.
Our experiences with the children and young people at the Teaching Farm are also a chance for us to grow and learn. Their unique viewpoints and observations are what really drives us!
We work to create a special relationship built on words, sounds and games.

Workshops and courses
• A day on the farm – course focused on the animals
• Sheep shearing
• “Andammus a prantare e a marrare” – course focused on the vegetable garden, from preparing the land to sowing and harvesting
• A day on the farm – the farm and farm life
• From milking to milk… and cheese
• From cheese to “sas casadinas” (Easter pastries)
• From fruit to preserves
• From vegetables to preserves
• From meat to cured meat
• From flour to bread
• From flour to pasta
• From flour to desserts.