The products

Our production

Today the farm covers 80 hectares, mainly dedicated to livestock.
Sheep and goats reared on the farm produce milk which in part is sent to the local dairy cooperative at Dorgali. The rest is processed on site to provide fresh milk in the moming and yoghurts for breakfast, and to produce cheeses and ricotta which are an essential ingredient in so many traditional Dorgali dishes prepared at the agriturismo (stuffed pasta, seadas, casadinas, etc.). Alternatively, they may be enjoyed as an appetiser with a glass of the best Cannonau!
We also rear beef cattle and pigs, enabling us to produce salami and ham which are served as the crowning glory in our array of antipasti.
There are also plenty of horses, donkeys, wild boar, rabbits, hens, chicks, ducks, geese and turkeys!